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Become an Advisory Board Member

The VMS STEM Advisory Board
The VMS STEM Academy strives to enrich STEM in our community. We are always looking to partner with local businesses, government agencies, non-profit groups, educators, and community organizations. The VMS STEM Advisory Board meets once a semester, typically for one hour. In these meetings, we identify areas for potential collaboration and share updates on the program's progress.
Members support the program in the following ways:
  • STEM Projects: we design our STEM projects around authentic problems faced in the STEM fields. If you have a problem you encounter in your STEM business or industry, we can design school projects around them. 
  • Site Visits: allowing students to view the STEM fields in authentic settings
  • Guest Speakers: we consistently need experts to talk on various topics aligned with their expertise
  • Financial or Material Donations: many members supply the program with materials for STEM projects or simply provide monetary donations
  • Word of Mouth: With your help, we are accomplishing amazing things. Be vocal about our work and how it impacts families and the community!
If you or your organization identify Community Engagement as part of your vision or mission, the VMS STEM Academy is a great opportunity. If you are interested, please enter more information using the link below: