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About Us

Valdosta Middle School, formerly Valdosta Junior High School, has served the children and families of the Valdosta community for more than six decades. As Valdosta grows, so do the opportunities and resources available at Valdosta Middle. Recently, we have experienced unprecedented growth in student enrollment, faculty, specialized academic programs, and new, state-of-the-art facilities. Our tradition of academic excellence presents many points of pride, excitement for the upcoming years, and unique challenges.
Our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program serves one third of our student population who receive a specialized curriculum focused on community outreach, real world problem-solving, and STEM jobs. Additionally, Valdosta Middle recently completed construction of a five million dollar STEM facility complete with science labs, additional classrooms, and cutting-edge instructional technology. Valdosta Middle offers access to 16 athletic teams and 11 extracurricular clubs. Students may also participate in one of two separate international exchange programs. Valdosta Middle offers many programs to meet the unique needs of every student and prepare them for a successful life in high school, college, and beyond. It is little wonder that, as parents are given more schooling options, the student enrollment at Valdosta Middle continues to grow.
Valdosta Middle is growing, not only in number of students and classrooms, but also in opportunities provided to students and our community. As more parents choose Valdosta Middle in the coming years, we will confront many challenges. We view these challenges as opportunities; opportunities to expand the impact we have on the entire Valdosta community. We are confident our vision, mission, and beliefs will guide Valdosta Middle’s growth. We will continue our rich tradition of excellence and provide the community with the tools needed for success in the next six decades and beyond.