Valdosta Middle School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC). 

The mission of Valdosta City Schools is quality teaching and learning, resulting in superior performance for all.

Our vision is to prepare students to pursue infinite possibilities for the future.

Your future.... Our mission. Imagine the possibilities!


Reading     April 16, 2014

English      April 17, 2014

Math        April 18, 2014

Science    April 21, 2014

Social Studies   April 22, 2014


                                               VMS Morning Announcements

Test taking tips for the CRCT:

1.        Read each question carefully

2.        When you use scratch paper, make sure you copy the problem correctly from the test onto your paper.

3.        Try to come up with the best answer on your own before seeing the choices, this will help in choosing the best answer choice available.

4.        Eliminate answer choices that you know cannot be right.

5.        Manage your time. Try not to get nervous and do not spend too much time on one question.

6.        Be sure to answer all the questions and review your answers at the end.

7.        Stay calm. This is simply a chance to show what you know.

8.        Get a good night’s sleep

9.        Eat a healthy breakfast

10.      Underline key words and phrases in the question.

11.      Watch for negative words such as not, no, and never.

12.      Words that are capitalized, underlined, or bold are important words.

13.      Match the number of the answer document to the item in the test booklet.

And always remember that we believe in you and know you will do your very best!!

2.  2014 VHS JV cheerleaders will have a mandatory parent meeting and fitting Wednesday April 16th from 4:00-5:30 at VHS in Room 111? You will need to enter through the lunchroom and Coach Ware will be there to meet you to bring you to her room. The Varsity rep will be here to fit them for their campwear so they need to be prepared to try on clothes and stuff. If they do not attend the meeting then they will not be sized for any clothes, shoes, bloomers, or uniforms.

 3.  I would like to announce our March Teachers of the Month. These teachers have shown tremendous dedication to our students and our school and we appreciate all that they do.

6th grade: Mrs. Clements

7th grade: Mr. Crosby

8th grade: Mr. Moncrief

Connections: Mrs. Jarvis

Please come to the front office to receive a small token of our appreciation.

4.  Teachers, just a reminder that your SGP data verification sheets are due this Friday.

5. Have a nice, productive and respectful day!!